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Miami, Florida 

Thrifty Unicorn





Our curator is addicted to thrifting.

So much she needed to open this online gallery just for you. Here you can check out her latest curated thrift store finds and some rare items she managed to score. Keep in mind some of these items are yes, one of a kind but hey we believe that if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be!  Subscribe to the site and fill out your info so we can shop just for you. 


 Inspired by the fast pace of the Miami lifestyle. Our Tropical Collection of thrift store items caters to the business casual and sporty side of this city.  We do this by mashing up genres and pop culture to create one of a kind feels, Vintage yet modern. Most of our collection is thrifted from our home in sunny Miami, but we do get around and manage to get our claws on some items from across the US. We will keep you posted on those items on our Events page. 


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